Terms and Conditions of Scooter Rental

These terms and conditions (“Agreement”) govern the rental of scooters from RoadRunner Rentals (“Company”) by the customer (“Renter”). By renting a scooter from the Company, the Renter agrees to be bound by this Agreement.

Rental Requirements:

  1. The Renter must be at least 16 years of age.
  2. The Renter must provide a valid identification document (Driver’s License or Govt-Issued ID) at the time of rental.
  3. The Renter must be a competent operator. The Renter will represent and certify that they are familiar with the operation of the scooter, and are reasonably competent, knowledgeable, and physically fit to ride the scooter. By choosing to ride a scooter, the Renter assumes all responsibilities and risks for any injuries or medical conditions that may result from their use. 

Rental Period:

  1. The rental period begins at the time the Renter takes possession of the scooter and ends when the scooter is returned to the designated drop-off location.
  2. The rental period is calculated on a half-of-full day basis unless otherwise agreed upon by the Company.
  3. The Renter must return the scooter to the Company in the same condition as it was received, with normal wear and tear accepted.
  4. The Renter agrees to pay any late fees as outlined on the website. 

Rental Charges and Payments:

  1. The Renter agrees to pay the rental charges as specified by the Company at the time of booking or rental.
  2. Additional charges may apply for extended rental periods, optional equipment, damage, or other incurred costs.
  3. The Renter is responsible for any traffic or parking fines, tolls, or penalties incurred during the rental period.
  4. Payment for the rental charges and any additional fees must be made in full before the start of the rental period.


Security Deposit:

  1. The Renter may be required to provide a security deposit before the start of the rental period.
  2. The security deposit will be refunded to the Renter upon the satisfactory return of the scooter, minus any applicable charges or fees.

Use of Scooter:

    1. The Renter agrees to use the scooter in a lawful and responsible manner, following all traffic laws and regulations.
  • The Renter is responsible for the scooter’s safekeeping during the rental period and must take all necessary precautions to prevent theft, damage, or loss. Lock will be provided by RoadRunner. 
  • The Renter should not allow any unauthorized person to operate the scooter. They are the sole permitted user/renter and are solely responsible for compliance with all terms and conditions contained herein. It is understood that when a scooter is rented it may only be used by the Renter, and others must not be allowed to use the scooter. 
  1. The Renter must not use the scooter for any illegal activities, racing, stunts, or off-road purposes.
  2. The Renter should not modify or alter the scooter in any way without prior written consent from the Company.

Liability and Insurance:

  1. The Renter assumes full responsibility for any loss, damage, or injuries resulting from the use of the scooter during the rental period.
  2. The Renter acknowledges that they have been advised to obtain their own insurance coverage for personal injury, liability, and property damage related to the scooter rental.
  3. The Company is not liable for any loss, damage, or injury to the Renter or any third party arising from the use of the scooter.

Cancellation and Refunds:

  1. The Renter may cancel the reservation or rental agreement, subject to the Company’s cancellation policy.
  2. Refunds, if applicable, will be provided according to the Company’s refund policy.


The Company reserves the right to terminate the rental agreement and reclaim the scooter at any time due to non-compliance with this Agreement or for any other justifiable reason.


Governing Law:

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction in which the Company operates.

Prohibited Acts: 

  1. Operate any scooter in violation of any laws, rules, regulations, and/or ordinances, including any and all rules pertaining to riding any scooter on sidewalks and/or parking. 
  2. Operate a scooter while using any cellular telephone, text messaging device, portable music player, or other device that may distract you from safely operating the scooter.
  3. Operate a scooter while under the influence of any alcohol, drugs, medication, or other substance that may impair your ability to operate the scooter safely. 
  4. Carry a second person, child, or pet on the scooter.
  5. Use any locking mechanisms on the scooter other than those provided by RoadRunner or any third-party operator.
  6. Park any scooter in a manner that does not strictly comply with applicable laws, rules, regulations, and/or ordinances. The Renter expressly agrees that they are responsible for becoming familiar with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and/or ordinance in the location that they are operating the scooter.

Condition of Scooter 

  1. The Renter acknowledges that RoadRunner inspected the scooter before rental and found it to be in good working condition. Any pre-existing damage or issues should be reported before commencing the rental period.


  1. RoadRunner is responsible for maintaining the scooter in a safe and roadworthy condition. In the event of a mechanical breakdown or malfunction during the rental period, not caused by the renter’s actions, the Renter should immediately inform RoadRunner for assistance or a replacement. 


  1. Helmet and Safety Gear
    1. RoadRunner will provide a helmet to the Renter for use during the rental period. The Renter is expected to wear a helmet and other appropriate safety gear while operating the scooter. 


RoadRunner reserves the right to update or modify these Terms and Conditions at any time. Any changes made are effective upon posting on the company’s website or other communication channels. 

Force Majeure 

RoadRunner shall not be held liable for any failure or delay in performing its obligation under this agreement due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control, such as natural disasters, strikes, or government actions.

Data Privacy 

RoadRunner may collect and store the Renter’s information for rental purposes and to comply with applicable laws and regulations. The company will handle this information in accordance with its Privacy Policy. 

By renting a scooter from the Company, the Renter acknowledges that they have read, understood, and agreed to abide by the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.